Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The basic wardrobe ideal for halftime

Ideal for single copy, for practical and perfect to combine to shelter. Following lectures styling of the bloggers , today I present how to transition from summer to fall in the best way possible.

Oh Chavela

A poncho is not only the best way to pay tribute to Chavela Vargas, also the most fashionable way to cover your body when the nights begin to cool. The idea of ​​Jag Lever is ten: if much covers up, opens down.

You Dandy, dandy I

The blazer jacket is not only to wear the garment during office hours. I like it out of its natural habitat and wear it in colors imprensables before.
Who said classical era? If your body and your desire to draw attention to resist it, the whole corset lingerie, lingerie and doc martens shorts can be a ten (but also a zero)

Hip Brit

I do not know why, Juliette Madamme watching me come to mind the group Madness is it because the british touch, by the bowler, by the proprietary blend of Carnaby Street? Do we dare?

A torn and tattered

Madness And we go to the Sex Pistols, their holes, studs and black color rebellion. May seems to follow its aesthetic looks and broken everywhere ... a blazer.

Cowgirl Up

Get in the car, always fashionable, the denim jacket. The simplest and most eclectic piece that will not fail you, as Pook stook or with a casual look or a sophisticated.

Photos | Fanny staff , stook Pook , Jag Lever , Madamme Juliette , May Melow

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