Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The denim jackets inundate low cost stores, learn to take the fashion model


You walk into a store these days low-cost denim jackets and have several to choose from. Multiple models, details and tastes. Personalization is what comina a basic garment that needs to be turned every so months with the intention of achieving higher sales and create change with a new one. Denim jackets Now the "old" and not just the studs are cool? Well no. A shopping guide, combinations and signings for the wardrobe for less than 55 euros.

First, short


The option to choose a boyfriend jacket whose amplitude is exaggerated best for another season. This time dominates a long low, which does not reach the waist, even at times too short not to the navel. This does not remove the jacket is tight and it looks like a barbie breath, no. Make it more comfortable. Mango That costs 39.99 euros .

Fist back, back sleeve


We continue with a taste for the sleeve back and away from the wrist cuff as a style detail. Not exceeding the elbow, never gets too bad. At the height of half the forearm is the best and that is not too puckered fist. In Asos have this jacket for 54.02 euros .

Yes Tacks

tacks zara

The fashion of the tacks carries brands like Pull & Bear to spend their last lookbook them whole. These are hard for this season and this time it is about to fall halftime after passing these stifling temperatures in some cities.

The situation of the thumbtacks can be found either on the shoulders or on the lapels, as this model of Zara for 39.95 euros

Military, all firm

pullbear military

Since last winter military style poked his head again and this season can be seen in different clothes . Unfortunately, this comes from the hand military camouflage, a trend that if I did not see or painting. Pull & Bear is not of the same opinion and proposes this jacket look which we can find by 35.99 euros .

Contrasts of materials

zara materials

Mixed materials, search the contrast, two maxims have been repeated in recent years in cycles. The sleeves are still next to seudocuero with polyurethane as the key. A mixture modernizes successfully denim jacket. Available at Zara for 35.95 euros .

Short or long, there is no middle


As we see the combination dominates short for the garment, opting for an informal style usually. Discounted dresses or denim shorts unions are usually repeated for jackets that we see, as in this look by Jennifer Grace.

Mango Denim

Although the other option is to jump to the opposite extreme and opt for joining the reduced length of the converted denim jackets with biker taste maxivestidos to the ground. A successful marriage in Mango found a jacket for 39.99 euros .

Photo | Jennifer Grace
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