Friday, August 3, 2012

The shirt of the moment? Camouflage is (obviously) and the firm Zara (how strange!)


Zara has done it again: to launch a garment that all bloggers are so fond of that do not stop to look simultaneously at their personal pages. Is the worst of all? I am in love with her ​​and I think that certainly, I'll leave aside my personality and how they wear it. Yes, I love the military and no doubt in my cargo pants enfundarme camouflage. How can I combine this version? Yet imagination to power!

It has two functions: to summer you can wear with a basic white shirt underneath and leave it open by the function of jacket. Or you can tie all the buttons and use it as a shirt (when the heat is less intense). You decide how you prefer?


What items to use with it? No matter, thought to be the star of your outfit so complicate as possible. A simple black dress, torn jeans or white shorts.


Have you fallen victim too? 39'95 euros Just separate you from it . I say only because if you really like, is a reasonable price. The rhinestone twist gives and gives camouflage chic.


How combinarías?

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