Friday, August 31, 2012

The Venice Film Festival is aimed at black as a basic resource no surprises

Ryder Venice Festival

The good feeling that we left the red carpet at the Venice Film Festival after a first red carpet does not stay on the second day in which the only star known internationally as was Winona Ryder.

Winona Ryder Venice Festival

For the occasion, Winona Ryder chose a Dolce & Gabbana dress with a beautiful lace usual in the Italian and a strapless neckline on a design that I liked to sensationalism by a basic as this. Combined it with some Christian Louboutin hidden by the long and Lanvin earrings.

Capotondi Venice Festival

Capotondi was Christian who caught everyone's attention yesterday with a stunning gown on a red carpet while it became a gateway models. A halter dress with a generous tail and racy transparencies on the front. The current romanticism has penetrated deep.

Gerini Venice Festival

Just the opposite saw Claudia Gerini who preferred more black to the red carpet in a dress again without surprises, with a v-shaped neckline very pronounced and flair with sequins and glitter in the belt that was more attractive look.

Sorokina Venice Festival

The satin made ​​an appearance in the monkey Olga Sorokina on one of the green fashion. With a hook that's hard to look bad at some point but I never convince both satin.

France Venice Festival

I prefer a single detail like Cecile De France and white fringed skirt without being me not a big fan of this trend I liked how he had left.

Ripa Venice Festival

A little better than the look of Marina Ripa di Meana. But did not identify the designer Vivienne Westwood school or Rei Kawakubo is not far off.

Petri Venice Festival

The pity is that no one will say to Franziska Petri certain transparencies are unsightly and the camera flashes across borders. The next thing you know. Albina preferred to err on the safe Dzhanabaeva and join a party of sequins.

Welch Venice Festival

We also saw Florence Welch who chose a full look Miu Miu very suited to his style.

Prada Venice Festival

Miuccia Prada and a proposal which I loved.

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