Monday, August 6, 2012

This fall call me Kate (Moss). Will you succumb to the new collection for Mango?


Since Kate Moss already signed to handle multiple campaigns has made. Some better than others but for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 the British model has been the batteries: it is that the result can not be better. We return to the white background but this time I do not know if the looks, the poses of her or the whole campaign to raise the top of everything.

I imprimirme these outfits and go to the store with the 'chops', because this fall I decided to emulate it. I love the result, where the simplicity is present at all times but the whole outfit makes her perfect.


Is the only downside? Many of them can not implement, it is ideal visually but in real life impossible. I mean, although the fall time of transition is rarely (if ever) we can wear shorts and plush coat. Although I like and stay if I go out in this manner, unfortunately, people kill me with judgmental eyes.


What I like most about this collection? Those pieces that at first glance have nothing, but have nothing to do with reality. That is, hide much more than we think. An example is the white jersey type nuclear sport that could be those of a lifetime, but if we approach we see that is structured and a little puffed sleeves. What do you think?


By now we know what colors to wear this coming season, and between one of the winners are (again) the red passion. Feel like skinny jeans with some color in this set with the shoes? Please assure me that I definitely feel like it (and absolutely) yes.


Although the different tone that we will also see over and over again is (again) return klein blue. This once materialized in a blazer with gold buttons, cotton shirt collar and painted jeans. The typical look that you have in plan 'step fashion and I'm going to run' but actually means' yes I am perfect place what I wear. Do you envy? '.


So it is with this outfit on the basis of dress pants XXL black blazer and white: they have nothing much yet. ¿Will achieve one day wear the clothes how she?


And finally one of those skirts that the only thing that fails is the pattern. And they have decided to decorate in animal print (which I dread). But what scares me the whole set is not the print, but to me I really like what I see. No! I will not succumb to this pattern.


Well, what do you think?

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