Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Waiting for Zara TRF clone and sneakers ... We found one in Zara Kids, stockings less than 38?


A punishment is what is being expected of Zara shoes with platform TRF that resemble the famous Willow or Bekket of Isabel Marant. An unprecedented phenomenon increasingly flooded low-cost stores of our country. Now it is easy to satisfy the itch that wants to look like street stylers although let us not attempt the nearly 400 euros to the original cost. But walking around the shops on-line (and refreshing every day zara's website to see if they were for sale its model) I've noticed that Zara Kids is a version of the most successful.

Yeah, the only problem? That only made ​​up to 38, so if you have a number you're lost ... Of course, this model (as expected) has not the least of platform. Marant But the spirit is there, on the warpath. Hallelujah!


And best of all? Your price: less than 26 euros . And in times of crisis, if we follow the trends of the time we opt for the cheaper version if you end up not squeeze the most ...

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