Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Zara Fall-Winter season 2012/2013: This collection comes as rain in May


For many today is an important day: the beginning of a long deserved vacation. For many others (like me) holidays should expect. That's why if you get stuck in the city to lift the country and are a fashion victim from head to toe can you glad to know that Zara has launched a new campaign. Yes! It's time we were expecting. Does the chosen? Freja Beha Erichsen.

So, again, the Spanish firm is again the center of the story by having one of the top models from your resume. Black and white images that show a preview of what will this new collection. I want it all!


Does the Freja companion? The color black, a key star for the time when the cold and frosty nights are the protagonists. Is what I like? Glimpse garments that take Xmas skirts with endless cuts, blazers with gold buttons in XXL ...


But if you can not still make fashion glitter of the head, these shorts / leggin / miniskirt ones you like (not shown in picture). Visually I like (a lot) but I imagine me and ... Stop right there, next! Yes, the jersey will be in my closet, I know.


Are you still in love with hair coats as if they were polar bears? Do not worry, there is a space for you. Go out well wrapped and if someone thinks that looks bad for 'walk me warm (and fashionable) people laugh. "


And to end this brief (but effective) campaign we show a model that I like but I do not know if he had just set. We talked about the patterns dress pants, what do you say?


In short, much remains to Fall-Winter (recently given start the summer holidays) but I have to follow the tradition of that of wanting what you have not, I can not wait to look as beautiful as her. What do you think?

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