Monday, August 6, 2012

Zara vs. Stradivarius: both collections are nailed. The price,


Yes, both companies are in the same group but both inspire each other. The difference? The price and the target. While Stradivarius is aimed at young, Zara thinks more women working today covering a wide range of age. And as it could be otherwise, the price is very different in one place in the other. Although the garments are (almost) the same. Is that day were uninspired designers?

And a jacket like from the beginning was Zara denim jacket with all the studs on top. Everyone loved her and, in fact, in the online store is no longer available. Exhausted ¿? Do not worry, because in Stradivarius have a very, very, similar.


And finally a jacket and I fell in love last year and month after month have been remixing into new models. We talk about military parka with leather sleeves. What model do you prefer? Tough choice ...


My question is, what they intend to achieve with this strategy?

In Jared | Uterqüe Vs Zara: same pattern but different price
In Jared | Cara Delevigne, elected as the new model Zara TRF . Every day they do best!

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