Sunday, September 30, 2012

Isabel Marant Spring-Summer 2013: to have style as you follow these steps ...


How she longed for this moment! They say that good things are worth waiting for and no wonder: on Friday French designer Isabel Marant presented her Spring-Summer 2013. Yuhuuuu! Yes, I read adsiduamante who know how I feel about all their clothes, so I can not help but rejoice and give thanks to heaven (and seamstress) to create pieces like this: urbanites, wearable and stylish.

The best look of the week from 24 to 30 September: between Paris, San Sebastian and the Emmys, a week of myocardial

dior natalie blonde portamn

September is a great month. Celebs who come to the best parties of Paris, and the rows of fronts major parades, or flock to San Sebastian Film Festival and meanwhile, in Hollywood Gala celebrates the Emmys, able to bring together the TV stars with big dresses. Let's see who have excelled this week, and as always, for your favorite votad ovidéis.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

At Fashion Week in Paris's fashion beyond Christian Dior

Roland Mouret Roland Mouret

In addition to Christian Dior , on the fourth day of Paris have seen the feminine style of Roland Mouret, the mystery of AF Vandevorst, the sexy Vanessa Bruno, the essence of Maison Martin Margiela and Isabel Marant Baroque will see in another post.

Gerard Darel Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: Elisa Sednaoui with who can say no?


There overflowing natural beauty, and as such Elisa Sednaoui is one. It's all a pivón, a love bellezón that any photographer, designer or street person. That's why when I saw the new ad campaign for this Gerard Darel Fall-Winter 2012/2013 I thought 'wow, I love'. Clothing simple, but with that touch of class that makes you special.

Sorry Greg Kadel, but did well tweaking to Numéro Karlie Kloss


Speaking of kilos less or more in fashion is very complicated, someone always gets hurt, offended or misunderstood. The latest controversy comes on the heels of Numéro magazine and an editorial photographed by Greg Kadel with Karlie Kloss protagonist.

The simpler the famous van, I like

Kristin Cavallari top PELUM

I'm so tired of looks forced, exaggerated, always looking for the latest trends, bringing together all the clothes it's time, I need a total detoxification streetstyle blogs and I need to see looks normal. And the famous sincerely are the more simple, the more I like. So I stay with Kristin Cavallari and Audrey Tatou strolling the city with its casual looks.

Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2013: between the classical and the avant-garde

Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2013

Seven months after the controversial departure of John Galliano, Dior Chiristian shows his first prêt-à-porter with Belgian creator Raf Simons to head. A Spring-Summer 2013 collection infused with style in a unique setting: the National Palace des Invalides in Paris.

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 53


Fall has arrived. What appetizing first, change clothes, take coats and the loving firewood! Furthermore, most home ration, boredom and idle hours. Non ti will worry do you crave some ideas of how to live this weekend in style? If you have kids, and we bored them penniless. Want Ideas for a weekend with small low cost ?.

Do we complain tacks everywhere? Sara Carbonero gives us two cups


What reason ye in your comment. Few posts ago, specifically talking about low cost shoes are essential for everyday , it will quejábais of the studs, as they do not see it. Being indifferent to this trend (which has more seasons than I expected) is impossible, are everywhere in stores of clothing and accessories and flood everything caught.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Beauty Tips of the week: Do you dare to intense lips?


Our particular corner of beauty lands on Trendencias laden proposals, looks and many ideas. Of course not lose sight of the best looks of the Fashion Weeks in Milan and London and will also discuss in detail more than 6 beauty products that are presented as essential this season.

Want to know which ones are treated?

Do we have done in your case Amaia Salamanca San Sebastian new appearance?


Dear Amaia (Salamanca). Contemplating the look of the presentation of your film in San Sebastian Atraco shocked I check two things: one, do not read Jezebel (or my recommendations about your look to your arrival in San Sebastian). Two Want to live forever with these horrible road boots (as did I allow, Kurt Cobain in his All Star until the day he died?)

Closed Fall-Winter lookbook 2012/2013: being simple is fashionable, but always with a touch of glam


I'm not a robot that knows all the fashion houses and for having. There are times when my head Nothing more and I focus only on the typical signatures that everyone loves. But sometimes I have to say, 'there is more life beyond Inditex and H & M'. Indeed, there are more firms, although not as low-cost as we would like. There are days (and times) that you fancy yourself and spend a little more money on a special garment. You must be a classic but very good quality, so we know that we will last long in the closet and make good use of it. And that's where the game enters Closed.

Do you save to buy something from an expensive brand or you'll spend on low cost?, The question of the week

Karlie Kloss

A limited budget and much desired. Difficult choice in specific cases opts for the savings side and the desire of certain items not as accessible, while in other circumstances the balance side opts low cost. The temptation to have a fairly large wardrobe against the selection and exclusivity. The question of the week is all yours:

Do you save to buy something from an expensive brand or you'll spend on low cost?

Do not forget that the comments in question are Trendencias Answers not in this post.

A big party in Paris to celebrate the most eccentric collection of the season: Anna dello Russo for H & M

anna dello ursso hm One . jpg "class =" center "/>

The character of Anna dello Russo is so eccentric, exaggerated a tad tacky. Can not ask for restraint in appearance and much less in the collection he has designed for H & M and that in less than a week will be released in stores. How could it be otherwise, H & M held a big party in Paris to present to Anna and her new collection. And the "designer" descended from the ceiling in a big swing ...

What imitate and what noooo! of pop stars


How hard is the life of the pop star. Perfomances applaud you, airport to and fro and concern of what I get to travel pa I caught the photographers and Perez Hilton fusile my styling. Although the matter is not so frivolous, is like saying that a fashion editor is dedicated to go to parades, which fusilemos be shot or the styles of celebrities sometimes quite inevitable. Come and see the last appearances of Rihanna and Katy Perry, and we go on.

The second line of Paris does not maintain the level

owens Rick Owens, Nina Ricci and Manish Arora.

Yesterday was the third day of Fashion Week in Paris and saw great parades like Balenciaga , Lanvin or Carven but in the background there were other names looking place. Proposals Rick Owens modern face of Nina Ricci formality or Barbara Bui

Carven Spring-Summer 2013: Carven woman gets older

Carven Spring 2012

There are now three years since Guillaume Henry of Carven front. Three years he has made a firm known for its fragrance alone has made a large hole in between Paris and which has captivated audiences with feminine obsession for designer children's uniforms and well dressed Parisian elderly.

Lanvin Spring-Summer 2013: Alber Dear, you do the single


We continue with Paris, the last stop on the Fashion Week. Here the great and classic designers come together in a week where everyone presents chaotic wonderful collections that make us dream (at least to me) print dresses. And yesterday no one wanted to miss the Spring-Summer 2013 Lanvin. Very in its classic line, straight cut designs, but fabulous. With a scrap of fabric Alber Elbaz can do wonders, and my I love that.

White Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013
The new White linen is the new trends in fashion fall winter 2012 2013 ! The new White clothing is aimed at tacks, peplum, coats, military style, jewelry designs, applications and rhinestones, etc.. The new collection of White we love, has fashionable clothing, the best clones and low cost prices!

If you shop these days you have to see the new clothes, shoes, dresses, necklaces, shirts, bracelets and more news in White!

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 White Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013: jackets, windbreakers , parkas and coats

1. Studded denim jacket 45.99 2. 59.99 Coat layer 3. 49.99 strikeouts Blazer 4. Layer jacket 49.99 5. Military Parka 59.99 6. Huntress 45.99

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 White clothes fall winter 2012 2013: clothing

1. Tweed and lace dress 29.99 2. Vetsido peplum and long sleeves 29.99 3. Lace Dress 32.99 4. Dress peplum and back strips 35.99 5. 29.99 Metallic Dress

The new dresses White autumn winter have news for nightlife and fix!

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013 White: shirts

1 camouflage shirt 32.99 2. Blouse 25.99 moles and chain 3. Denim shirt 29.99 4. Studded military jacket 25.99

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 White Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013: trousers and jeans

1. Jeans 22.99 2. Trousers Button 29.99 3. Trousers tweezers 25.99 4. Brown trousers 29.99 5. Military trousers 19.99 6. Jeans 29.99

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013
White Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013: bracelets and necklaces

1. Leopard Collar 16.99 2. Leaves Collar 19.99 3. Snake Necklace 9.99 4. Rhinestone necklace coin 5.Pulsera 8.99 12.99 6. Snake Bracelet 9.99 7. Rhinestone Bracelet 7.99 8. Bracelets Pack 5.99 9. Studded gold bracelet 12.99

The new White accessories are gorgeous!

Ropa Blanco otoño invierno 2012 2013 White Clothing Autumn Winter 2012 2013: shoes

1. Slippers with rhinestone 22.99 2. Peep toe jewel 35.99 3. 45.99 strikeouts Boots 4. Military Boots 29.99 5. Platform and thin heel ankle 42.99 6. Military Rain Boots 27.99

You can see here newest White shoes !

Cloned and plundered: once again sends Zara


Like every Friday, I try to show the clones and cantonas inspirations of the moment. Many look to the naked eye, others have to throw imagination, but they all have a something reminiscent of other firms. And today I start the post with a garment that I was pleased (though I confess that when I receive a lot of criticism for it). Personally I have a clear style that defines me, so I go clothes enjoying several very different from each other.

We were not expecting but came Audrey Tautou. No claims have also cool


How is brewing and consolidates a reserved matter it is girl I can not understand. It happens, as many have commented, that Alexa Chung gives me hives (almost) always, but they have reached the podium and not falling for it. In that place has never been Audrey Tautou but why?

The most anticipated and what looked tuiteada Kristen Stewart in Balenciaga parade?

Start with a well-chronicled "the most anticipated." Balenciaga showed his proposals for summer 2013 before the parade but all eyes, cameras, were targeted instagram Kristen Stewart, who after fuss Brown got the world by hat in the front row and looked anything but discreet.

Trends Fall-Winter 2012/2013: Be bright, be golden and silver medal

Eepasar trends this fall-winter 2012/2013 is stepping poe the walk of fame, shine like a star and look sequins, brocades, iridescent lurex and tissues as you had never before dared.
Marchesa, Monique Lhuillier, Michael Kors have their own style but they all wanted to shine and be the center of attention.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mascaro Autumn-Winter 2012/2013: Luxury night

Swarovski Mascaro

Thinking of special events, at dinner with friends, and even winter holidays and Christmas, Ursula Mascaro presents this special collection: Luxury Night. Sophisticated designs for lovers peep toe and high altitudes.

Balmain Spring-Summer 2013: Ice, ice baby. "Helaíta" I stay


To those who were born in the late 80 this title will sound to Mandarin Chinese. Those who were still tadpoles, the 90 will know what I mean. Ice, Ice Baby, the song that glorified Vanilla Ice and that sold 20 million copies in the 90s. With it rose to the highest Mc Hammer pants (another rapper at the time) and super pads. How does that sound? Very Balmain in principle ...

Balenciaga Spring-Summer 2013: I wheel, steering wheel come


Now that there are so many bloggers and seasoned characters as valid for a broken and tattered also design, we propose the following challenge: give him some flyers and a peplum and have to get a revision never seen, something that epate, surprised and like. Imagine catastrophic results, but when it comes to Nicholas Ghesquiere is catastrophe catharsis of humanity toward a new unknown world and amazing.

Fashion and blogs 116: photographers in front of the camera


Total Free knows how much I appreciate and will always be part of the team of Jared although now veais not sign here, since it is enjoying a good personal life and good hard worker who is responsible. And of course, she continues touches on his personal blog and today's fashion pitting against the crisis must sign it in a concise: Quiet . Touché. Fashion and blogs: issue number 116. Slate.

Among Emmys and red carpets, how you spend the celebrities!


No doubt this week summary of the best of Poprosa, is marked by the Emmy Awards Gala, where we crowded celebrities to show off their finery, but not all could win. However, these seven days we have provided muhcas more news you can not miss this new review is gossip ...

Matthew Williamson for Hawaiian: rubber boots for fall

Matthew Williamson for Hawaiian

Rainy days begin and we are not going to lose our good style when dressing. After Hunter, who are your favorite wellies, I recommend the Havaianas and its latest model: the collaboration with Matthew Williamson. Two models that you can not resist you.

Kallisti by Marios Schwab for ASOS: lingerie bolder

Kallisti by Marios Schwab for ASOS: The new lingerie

Asos continues to grow and work with various firms, some known and others less so. Maybe that's what makes being a single brand. The last to surrender to its charms is the designer Marios Schwab with a lingerie collection that will not leave you indifferent.

The day came G: Sarah Jessica Parker as editor of Vogue in Glee


It's official, Sarah Jessica Parker returns to our lives and even more our longed Carrie. Living like it like it is possible but we miss his adventures festivaleras and fashionistas around Manhattan. Not but today Carrie Glee finally show the presence of Sarah Jessica Parker as fashion editor of Vogue.

Gala Gonzalez designed a capsule collection for Mango Touch


Mango supports bloggers. The firm sees a reef others can not or do not want to bet on: chooses one among many international bloggers to be part of its catalog, was allied with Andy, Chiara and carolina to create a capsule collection of accessories, and now the turn of Gala Gonzalez. Yes, the Spanish star of Amlul has joined forces with the Catalan firm to create a collection of shoes, bags and accessories for Autumn-Winter 2012/2013.

The world's most expensive dress

I posed a conundrum. Let's put on the table the dress has been called the world's most expensive. Do we imagine what designer, what it would cost, why? As much as I imagine it not be right.

H & M launches new signature: & Other Stories, more choice when shopping


The world has woken up today with good news: the H & M launch in Spring 2013 a new firm called & Other Stories. It confirms the rumor and the name , because this story is playing since March. Yes, and it will come saying for months but today at last! has become official.

Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Here are the latest trends in fashion fall winter 2012 2013. With this selection of trendy clothing your favorite stores such as Blanco, Bershka and Stradivarius, you will see what's new this season!

This fall winter 2012 2013 are fashionable military style and the Baroque, cowboy boots, parkas, military coats, studs, and rhinestones applications, the color maroon box stamping and camouflage, sequined skirts, leather garments, necklaces and jeweled accessories, brocade fabrics, loose pants, etc..

Find out with this selection of clothing, shoes and accessories with the trends of fashion autumn winter 2012 2013!

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Moda otoño invierno 2012 2013 Fashion Fall Winter 2012 2013

Emma Watson presents'' The Perks Of Being A Wallflower 'in London

Emma Watson Christian Dior

Emma Watson continues the worldwide promotion of his latest film "The Perks Of Being A Wallflower" and yesterday it was the turn of the British capital.

Zara, A way of life? A new religion?


Earlier this month I made ​​a post which showed how the international bloggers adored Zara shoes taken from the Autumn-Winter 2012/2013. But every time I enter a blog I see that the person concerned has something of the Spanish firm. This season I 'is petando' and the evidence I refer. Is that has become the signature guru fashion victims?

Do you still doubt the slippers? Alexa Chung to the rescue


How many questions we have drawn the it girls. There are clear trends that we have, we believe nonos clothes feel good, until it's Kate (Moss and Bosworth), the Sienna or Alexa Chung on duty and make us change your mind. She wears slippers. 'll Encourage you? To me I still corrode doubts but if you're confused here find similar low cost models .