Monday, September 10, 2012

Anna Dello Russo for H & M, the entire collection and baroque excess prices fall

hm russo

Excess became the hallmark of Anna Dello Russo was able to combine his image and now he idolizes from some sides for this reason, for wearing as few dare to do (luckily for those who are anti excesses). The collection will launch exclusively for H & M will be in stores on October 4 before entering and will give a pair of sunglasses to avoid being blinded by so much brightness. Want to know all the ins and their prices?

Who designed the collection? Anna

hm russo

If anyone may forget who designed the collection for H & M Anna Dello Russo memory refreshes and leaves its stamp on necklaces and earrings. Yes, but have you or yours going to take hers.

Dorado as could be

hm russo

The shoes had to be gold, the trend is in fashion and she was not going to be less. Sure. Leather Boots and dancers who join it.

The Three Musketeers

hm russo

Turns out Anna Dello Russian was the fourth musketeer and we had not been informed. Leather boots up past the knee with a thin heel shoes with more crystallites. No detail is lost.

Multiple charms

hm russo

The bracelets, necklaces and belts (to see if you guess which is which in the picture) are filled with small charms with different images that lack superstition or not the symbol itself.

Grandma crystals

hm russo

One Sunday morning, when the vermouth, in certain areas of Madrid, in winter, a generous old lady with her fur coat and shiny jewels that are your personal treasure. At that time no one would want to copy this look, however now we are going to consume these earrings and necklaces.

hm russo

Best finish imitating coral.

Party bags

hm russo

From what is in the collection I keep very little, between this hand bag in turquoise. Suitable for a party.

The jungle home

hm russo

Adopt an animal made better do it in a snap inert. There are all types.

hm russo

The snakes are still alive.

Maxi baroque sunglasses

hm russo

The trend could not escape Baroque sunglasses that would not even a rapper bling bling. You see those crocodiles in the saddle ...

Going on holiday?

hm russo

Surely that is the only baroque bag that holds the little affection received at airports. If someone does the evidence tell us.

Photo Gallery

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