Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Any party in Lisbon Bershka hand? I pointed to the movement # bershkafanday!


Bershka When they called me and told me I could not believe it, 'pack your bags, you're coming with us to party'. How?! Five million Facebook fans well deserve a party in style, and Spanish firm did dedicated to their fans. After months where fans chose the city through an application, the finalists for carrying out the Party were Fanday Bogotá and Lisbon. But the Portuguese wanted us to go to the city (and I was delighted!).

fan_02 Fanday cartels Party were everywhere

So after a Thursday where the early start was important (at 5:30 he was up), I left the hand of Aida Domenech ( Dulceida ) and Sergi (your photographer) to the city of cream cakes, streets cobbled peculiar charm. Upon arrival he was going to be our hotel and meet the rest of the invited journalists, breakfast as a champion and got a small ( HUGE ) Surprise ... We went shopping with Bershka!

fan_03 The envelopes of the gift card

So the team took us to one of the largest stores in Lisbon that 'we were flying free' and we choose the garment that most stuck with our style. Obvious, obvious, obvious, obvious that everything from there called me screaming. I liked everything! But after many trips to the fitting room our eyes met what love film. And there she was, the leather jacket and skewers both have spoken . I put it as one who does not like things and crush emerged from the depths of me. The wanted. There was no more doubt that this jacket had made for me.

fan_04 Álvaro shopping in full time

With the filled bags and empty stomach we headed to a restaurant that is a must: Pharmacia. Located at the foot of the river with incredible views, it is within the pharmacy museum, so you can imagine the reason for its name. But that's not all, the details become important in this room: buckets that were old kits, water bottles shaped syrup bottle, etc.. The food? Brutal, ask around and each dish more and more good.


And for dessert dangerous cocktail under the name Ibuprofen. Delicious but very bully!

fan_06 Polaroid around the whole team

Then came the most awaited ...

At last! The hours passed and each time was less for the party. What should I wear? Naturally the jacket had to be present in my outfit, so in the end I opted for a total look in black to give prominence to the garment. There was not much secret in my outfit ...


But the result was as expected. Under the hashtag # bershkafanday all attendees we hang our photos on Instagram and Twitter. So, with what I like to make me an idiot in front of a camera, I could not help sending my photos from my room ...


The result? A look where the tack was the lifestyle. And Aida? Opted for a total look of Bershka where military style mixed with the trend of the fringes. Perfect and according to the party, what more could you want?


And amid LX Factory in Lisbon, we went to an industrial building to enjoy the party. Bandida DJ Sara began with the preliminaries, followed by Dj Ride. But everyone expected the strong avocado: Taragana Pijarama made ​​us dance and laugh in equal measure. And as an end Simian Mobile Disco took leave of us all.


As you can imagine did not want the party terminates. But all good things come to an end and I'm already thinking about the next destination. Where do we go? # Bershkafanday forever.

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