Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Are the bloggers, after celebrities and then there's Olivia Palermo


It is true that sometimes if you have access to all firms is 'easier' dress gracefully. But make no mistake, the style was born, and that makes you special charm that can not be bought even with all the gold in the world. If we only look at some celebrities like Paris Hilton that sometimes are tremendous. But Olivia Palermo is different: everything gets either Topshop or Mulberry, gives a personal touch that appeals to many (but boring to many others).

And noticing his personal blog I have seen, besides taking enrollments in daytime outfits, also known drawn gala party. It is clear that most of us can never aspire to a Valentino or Dior, but we can do as she dresses low-cost.

rmo_02 With Valentino Spring-Summer 2012

The key is, as in most of the time, go for supplements. With a gown often want to be so perfect that rub boredom (myself included), but Miss Palermo teaches us that we can go for a bag to break the monotony. In your case decided by a lilac feathered attracted attention and made the whole stay different.

rmo_03 With a dress from Christian Dior Spring-Summer 2012

What do you think of his choice?

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