Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Benetton uses its new campaign stop in controversy

Benetton stopped

It was difficult to overcome the effect that generated controversial Benetton last year with his campaign against hate based kisses between public figures opposed a priori . Of course, from the Italian spent decades trying to better themselves in the field of advertising and facing this 2012 re-do the search to "unemployed the year" with the slogan: "Unemployee of the Year".

Benetton campaign

Benetton provocation plays a campaign too risky and could backfire by taking advantage of a sensitive issue and it is affecting globally, so we are kept back by launching a contest through his foundation to fund interesting projects by of young people with ideas, which go to 5000.000 euros while the budget for the campaign is 20 million euros, an odd comparison.

"The 100 projects with the most votes will receive a scholarship of 5,000 euros each," as we read in the Benetton page where you will find all the details of the new campaign. The age for participation is 18 to 30 years and the requirement is to have no work and have a project in mind to help improve the life of their community, or nonprofit. The registration period is open from today until October 14.

From the Italian brand seeking "a new generation of Benetton, a Benetton 2.0" in the words of Alessandro Benetton, Luciano Benetton's son and current president of the company, the New York Times . He seeks to position its brand as an alternative to improve the current problems, want to position themselves as an example for other companies to follow them back.

Now it remains to be seen how this plays Benetton too hot potato as a multinational company since has many eyes behind her. Now I remember one of those cries that both expressions are repeated in some time, "no, no, they do not represent us." Well that's my personal perception towards this campaign Benetton.

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