Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Bimba & Lola Autumn-Winter lookbook 2012/2013: a girl not so serious and formal

lola bimba fall 2012

I love the lookbook Bimba & Lola. I imagine the well-dressed voguettes exits parades Fashion Weeks: patterned trousers, beautiful dresses decorated with jewelery of impact, with coats off series and of course, with some bags so shocking that make Obscure Object of Desire. I recommend you take a look at the best looks of the Galician company:

Dresses and skirts always win

In summer they win, and in winter, too. This autumn-winter 2012/2013, dresses and skirts looks more female protagonists with sweet floral prints or solid colors such as red or electric blue. In Bimba & Lola always have a length measured, at the knees, because most women who buy these clothes have long since moved away from the score.

bimba lola skirt

lola bimba dresses

bimba dresses lola2

Working trousers and so no working

When I have no desire to think about what I wear in the morning, most of the times throw pants. It is the simplest: pants, blouse or sweater together, and I have to worry about if you make careers in the media, whether cold pass the dress or if this skirt is too short.

pants colors

But to avoid boring the pants are the signature fall collection is full of bold prints or bright colors, but still manage to make elegant and formal for work.

pants pictures

Coats protagonists

lola bimba coat

Why wear a dull gray or black coat when you can choose them prints, hair, or volume? In winter, the coat check all your look, because it's basically the only garment that looks for your styling. So you have to choose carefully. Short or long, you have many options to be the main star of your wardrobe.

coat 2 bimba lola

If you liked the lookbook, rummaging through the online store of Bimba & Lola because many of the pre-fall clothes that are recessed.

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