Friday, September 21, 2012

Cloned and plundered: the conquest of Batman (in low-cost version)


The other day I commented as sweatshirts with Markus Lupfer were fashionable among bloggers with such striking and different diseñaos based comic book onomatopoeia, bulging eyes or mouths in XXL. Well, in the cloned and caught today we bring you a similar firm that has succeeded with one of his sweatshirts. We talked about the brand Zoe Karssen and gray jersey with a black bat.

Yes, at first glance there is little secret but it seems the signature sweeps. Among the fashion victims and conquers most during these weeks we've seen the model in various blogs. Today the firm is sold on Net-a-porter and its price is around 100 euros .


For all those who like the idea but find that its price is expensive or tissue is not your every day, you might find these clones inspiring satisfy your hunger.


Photos | Lovely by lucy
In Jared | Cloned and plundered: to all by Suzanne (Chloe)
In Jared | Cloned and plundered: Nasty Gal, that's cheating!

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