Friday, September 28, 2012

Closed Fall-Winter lookbook 2012/2013: being simple is fashionable, but always with a touch of glam


I'm not a robot that knows all the fashion houses and for having. There are times when my head Nothing more and I focus only on the typical signatures that everyone loves. But sometimes I have to say, 'there is more life beyond Inditex and H & M'. Indeed, there are more firms, although not as low-cost as we would like. There are days (and times) that you fancy yourself and spend a little more money on a special garment. You must be a classic but very good quality, so we know that we will last long in the closet and make good use of it. And that's where the game enters Closed.

And its lookbook for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013 is so simple that overwhelms me. Is one of those looks that say, 'I'm going with little but perfect'. Simple and elegant clothes in solid colors and the best quality.


Does the garment star? Coats, presented in classic and neutral colors such as beige or houndstooth pattern in brown tones.


While we should never ignore the eternal black: elegant, understated and classic. I'm a fan of this tone, you know it will last forever and that most of you out of trouble.


A little more showy colors

It's true that I always complain that in autumn-winter colors become dull, but I'm the first to admit that I do not like live for this time of year. What to do to change the black, gray or brown without resorting to something very striking? Here I bring the solution: lilac. What do you think?


And if you feel that comfortable with shades of brown but want to give a touch of class, try clothes like this: a piece jersey sleeves in aqua.


Stripes, the eternal pattern

I love the stripes. Whether seamanship, uneven or multicolored. I like them in every way possible, that's why I can not pass these two classic looks where the pattern is the protagonist.


But if you're already tired of the black-white combination, you can try this that is equally ideal green-black bottle. I love the shirt / dress. Love me as I've seen. Do you feel the same?


What do you think the end result?

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