Friday, September 21, 2012

Coach Legacy and The Sartorialist: a team loaded with style

Coach Legacy and The Sartorialist

Scott Schuman continues to surprise us with new ideas. This time is the signature Coach handbags neyorquina who has relied on The Sartorialist for new campaign Legacy handbags Fall Winter 2012/2013.

Coach Legacy and The Sartorialist

The photographer famous street looks, the pioneer in the world street-style, has immortalized ten people with their innovative and Coach Legacy in the streets of New York.

Coah Legacy

A collection elegant, classic and stylish, made in real leather and in a variety of colors, where we can find a little of everything: handbags, small leather goods (leather goods), shoes, jewelry, laptop cases and clothing, all with the distinctive touch of Coach.

Coach Legacy and The Sartorialist

I think a Legacy of Style is something very unique. It's What Separates trend and something that's hot for a moment.

Magnificent pictures for fans and whimsical fashion can not stop seeing them, so we are going to exhibit at a gallery show in Chelsea Danziger, under the name "The Sartorialist: Closer".

Coach Legacy and The Sartorialist

Several silhouettes are inspired by the timeless styles of Coach files:

The Duffle (turquoise) is inspired by the iconic style bag Duffle Sac sailor 1973, beloved by fashion editors past and present, and coveted by collectors today.

• Bag Saddle Bag is an updated version of original 1973 Saddle Bag.

• Bag Penny Bag (Purple) is an updated version of Dinky Bag 1980.

Flap Bag Amanda is an updated version of the Pony Express Bag 1975.

Which do you prefer?

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