Thursday, September 6, 2012

? Depre by the end of summer? The following celebrirites not stop


Yes, for many, the summer is over and no one touches it back to school, to work and rest. But we are not alone, because the celebrities also have that running time, chores, although often more glamorous than the lowly mortals. So here comes the new summary Poprosa tell everything this past week have left us famous. Very attentive.

Venice, Venice, Venice

Laetitia Casta venice

Indeed, the Venice festival red carpets and are taking up much of our time, so we started with him.

The famous cuore is upset, to whom will they gain?


Weddings, beginning, end ... all we have seen this week.

A magazine and coated paper

elle britney in

There comes a time to relax with a good magazine, this week we also had many ...

From Twitter with love ... or maybe not


This week has been Poprosa Soraya Arnelas some controversy for a post we publish, what do you think your new look?

And here the new summary. The next day and if it fits better.

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