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Designer of the Month: Marcela Gutierrez. "The difficulty is what makes us the best version of ourselves"


Working for Prada, Vogue, Telva or even for Beyoncé Knowles is not easy. But who can boast on your resume of all is Marcela Gutierrez, an illustrator who like (and no wonder). Watercolors occupy enormous sizes Prada stores in Los Angeles and New York, leaving without speaking to all who visit. Do your beginnings? In the workshops of Alexander McQueen.

But what she likes drawing are the eyes: can spend hours painting this body part so expressive. Yes, always starts with the right. Despite having an endless list of amazing clients Marcela Gutierrez has a long way to go. Loves his job and is not afraid of anything or anyone.

Your work is vocational or came by surprise and coincidences of life?

Surprise in the sense that it was not my intention to devote myself entirely to painting and illustration, but I have a lifetime preparing for this. I've always loved to draw and I worried that all races studied drawing included.

How did it start?

While studying fashion at Central Saint Martins present when I was doing a lot of projects in the illustrations of the designs. When I worked for Alexander McQueen since my first day I did nothing but draw, developing prints and hand-painted pieces for parades. I developed an initial portfolio of illustration but my intention was to follow the path of a designer. When you change jobs, while looking for another, I started drawing all my friends and gave them the pictures on their birthdays, and then asked me orders. From there I began to work with Metal magazine and did an advertorial for Chanel.

What is already definitely established as an illustrator I was when I made a presentation with Metal magazine celebrating its 4th anniversary: ​​the assignment was to illustrate the 20 favorite publishers Yolanda Wheeler, the director. I chose to work in large formats, something that is unusual illustration applied. It was the first time I dared to paint with watercolors in a size so enormous, photographs artwork became, in turn, became the original works. I had great success with this exhibition: the works were sold all ... Even Beyoncé has one of those pictures in your home!

cel_02 Shala Monroque in Breakfast at Tiffany's

Apart from drawing and fashion, what other interests do you have a reputable illustrator like you?

Cooking, I love to cook, and decorate the plates with harmony. Also I love to wear heels and totally fix but do not leave home. The higher the heels, the better.

What was your first major commission?

The wallpaper of Prada flagship stores in Los Angeles and New York. I remember my last summer to see the store as usual and think that I would take charge incredible that ... To Damien Hirst had made a wallpaper for Prada in the past. But I figured that after three months thinking about what he was doing.

cel_03 Prada Flagship Store NYC

What's it like to work for Prada?

For me it was an amazing experience, I felt bliss. I have much respect for Miuccia Prada for the balance between creativity and commerciality. Every season there is a radical change, taking more risks in design that many of the young designers. For me Prada is the largest representative of the culture of fashion, is my favorite signature!

Today everyone knows Beyoncé Knowles. His songs are heard around the world and the most imitated dances. How you got the opportunity to illustrate their album?

I met Beyoncé creative director at a dinner at the home of a girl who had some of my paintings hanging. He inquired about them and told me to give him my portfolio because it would teach Beyoncé. A few months later I was working for her. With an almost impossible deadline, I had to do the job in 24 hours from a motel in Los Angeles, the same day that inaugurated my exhibibión "The Beauty for the Sake of Beauty".

cel_04 Album cover '4: The Remix 'by Beyoncé

What has been (until today) the greatest achievement you've arrived?

For me the most important accomplishment is the make a living from what I like to do in life, owning my time.

Everyone dreams to one day make it to the top in their work. You've already done, but you always want more. What is your next goal? A dream that you have not met yet?

I do not think you've reached my goal at all, I'm very proud of what I achieved but I have much to do and learn. I want to keep evolving and keep producing, keep dialing my own challenges and always working with people I admire.

What do you like to paint?

I really like interpreting photographs of Mert & Marcus and Mario Sorrenti, because they have a sense of composition and color spectacular. But yeah what I like to paint are portraits, especially the eyes!

cel_05 Wallpaper for Prada stores

What techniques do you use when developing one of your drawings?

I always start with a small pencil sketch, sometimes I get a digital collage to see the composition, and then do the big picture and always start with the right eye.

Some artists before starting work follows a ritual, do you have any special?

By standing on the heels, makeup, take a bottle of water and then start to paint.

I know that many people are reluctant to talk about their projects, but what are you working on now?

Now I am preparing an exhibition that will take place in New York.

Is it hard to carve a path in the fashion world?

I think it's hard to carve any way, we live in a very competitive world. We must celebrate the difficulties that are what make us the best version of ourselves. If you want excellent results must be taken excellent, above average do to excel. The hard part is worth it.

cel_06 Lara Stone for Harper's Bazaar x Mercedes-Benz

How does it feel to be a benchmark as far as fashion is concerned illustrations?

Honestly I am far from being a point, I just started!

My advice for those who dream of one day succeed with artwork?

Do so with all your heart, constantly practicing, working hard will get to where you want. Keep moving and you have to have conviction, project into what you want and forget the word crisis.

Photos | Marcela Gutierrez
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