Thursday, September 6, 2012

Do not forget Carrie Bradshaw: do you want your home, your home?

Yes, I do, for the good, the bad, health and disease. Yup, yup, that excites me is the mansion never lived, one that seemed to be close to heaven and Carrie left her Manolos. But who does not want his single apartment, as is?

That must have been thinking the Basque architect Inaki Ready Lizarralde, whistles and booing us because his latest project has been to develop the plans for the houses of the most popular series, and at number one but Carrie who? The journalist and writer lived there for six seasons of the series. The desk, the bed, the closet full of shoes!, Bathroom and all the details one to one that has so painstakingly collected. Old rent an apartment in a chapter pointed to a $ 700 per month and that it was very 2000 was not old rental in Manhattan, was a miracle (but an impossibility).
On its website, DeviantArt , has also posted a plane home to me yeah he left me hanging. The Friends of So great was? I do not remember it as such. We already have ideas for the design of our first apartment away from the family home.

Via | Devianart

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