Saturday, September 29, 2012

Do we complain tacks everywhere? Sara Carbonero gives us two cups


What reason ye in your comment. Few posts ago, specifically talking about low cost shoes are essential for everyday , it will quejábais of the studs, as they do not see it. Being indifferent to this trend (which has more seasons than I expected) is impossible, are everywhere in stores of clothing and accessories and flood everything caught.


His triumph over several years has been as unexpected as the gladiator sandals. In these bickering appears Sara Carbonero, so cute and casual as ever, and leads the contrary. Clearly, for it is most tack and there should be no inch of your accessories and clothes that should not flood it. So look in their first autumn looks so casual and "messy but formal" as usual and with some clothes and colors that only she can make that are classified as in "have style". His look caught!: Hat is Zadig & Voltaire, Maje boots with belts and jacket from Zara last season. All accompanied by his YSL maxi-large.

The debate over whether or not style has always there. in my opinion it is always equally mellifluous that Amaia Salamanca ; those dark tones, those jeans, those boots, the everlasting same glasses, the same hair ... I'm bored.

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