Friday, September 28, 2012

Do we have done in your case Amaia Salamanca San Sebastian new appearance?


Dear Amaia (Salamanca). Contemplating the look of the presentation of your film in San Sebastian Atraco shocked I check two things: one, do not read Jezebel (or my recommendations about your look to your arrival in San Sebastian). Two Want to live forever with these horrible road boots (as did I allow, Kurt Cobain in his All Star until the day he died?)


Many of you, as petitadalid , comentábais to compare Monica Bellucci was mission impossible. My intention was to give a margin to the trust to be a comfortable and casual look chosen for her to get to San Sebastian Travel directly.


Trust is earned and check your military boots again, with a black mini, the same dark colors, the same casual look without grace I can only say that you're wrong.

How to fix it? A simple white shirt and black chic lounges have made much more of you that these garments muted and dull.

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