Thursday, September 27, 2012

Do you still doubt the slippers? Alexa Chung to the rescue


How many questions we have drawn the it girls. There are clear trends that we have, we believe nonos clothes feel good, until it's Kate (Moss and Bosworth), the Sienna or Alexa Chung on duty and make us change your mind. She wears slippers. 'll Encourage you? To me I still corrode doubts but if you're confused here find similar low cost models .


From what I have no doubt your perfect styling. The trench has the rare ability to be smart when a garment is not created for that. Confers class and poise to the wearer and is difficult to combine bad. Alexa opted for a schoolgirl look with tights and slippers.


She knows how to do and to monochromatism clothing gives hints of color in glasses and sweater in turquoise. Personally I see the slippers complicated and not feel good being as flat as "home" and I see no way out but lucid to the end, with the trend satin pajamas to Oscar Wilde, even for men.

For a look like this, between childlike and professional would definitely prefer the footwear being the season, the dancers glitter rock and Zara.

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