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Dolores Cortés interview: "The trikini is an intermediate step for girls who want something different or special circumstances"

Dolores Cortés

After the parade of Dolores Cortés in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, the designer Levantine has given an interview to tell in detail the exciting story that inspired their forthcoming Spring-Summer 2013. Simple, close and flirty, Dolores also tells of the requirements we need to when choosing a swimsuit, the importance of gaining the trikini and the need for clothes and accessories to achieve a beach look fantastic.

What was your main inspiration for the collection 2013?

The collection presented in MBFW is inspired by the unique plastic that provides identity and difference cultures from each other: their own graphics, colors and craftsmanship.
In this case we have participated in a collaborative project with the indigenous Wayuu Guajira Peninsula. Inspired by their graphics, we developed our patterns, preferably positioned in contrasting colors and vibrant shapes and modeling with fully current. The Indians have made for us that we have included some elements in some parts and especially in the styling.

Dolores Cortes Spring-Summer 2013

We have seen ethnic designs air why always decided by such patterns?

Actually our prints do not always have an air ethnicity. The 2012 collection was inspired by the paintings of Henri Rousseau, the 2011 was an ethno-cyber environment, very digital and rather futuristic. The 2010 was inspired by the Italian artistic movement Arte Povera. The 2009 was inspired experimentalist. 2013 I think this is what we consider more ethnic, but very advanced and updated.

And why choose the point for many of his proposals?

The spandex or lycra point is, by far, the most suitable as a basis for making swimwear fabric. This fabric can be changed aesthetically with different treatments, but their adaptability and benefits have not yet been overcome. It takes too long to dry, more or less like a flat fabric, but the fit is much worse and less comfortable.

What are the dominant colors?

As cool blue colors, preferably aqua, and the hot orange and strawberries. They all highlighted with white and / or black. The strawberry fluoride we treated as black bicolor.

The trikini comeback. Do you think that at some point come to have the importance of the swimsuit?

I hate to predict, but I think not as much as the suit. There are many women who always use full swimsuit and others that want slo bikini. The trikini is an intermediate step for girls who want something different or special circumstances.

What are the recommendations that we give when choosing a swimsuit?

First, be aware of what is to be improved and what you want to highlight. With that premise, select the best model for it and always, always, I'll look in the mirror objectively. In short, select one with which you look prettier.

Dolores Cortes Spring-Summer 2013

What is more feminine does the bikini, swimsuit or trikini?
Exactly the same. Will depend on the design of your choice in each case.

I am of the opinion that there is no beach to go anyway, and I mean not only in swimsuits. In his collection we have seen several proposals fascinating garments as monkeys outfits, dresses ... tell me about this part.

Well, the suit is a way to dress in a particular time and environment and this swimsuit can (should) be supplemented with other items, depending on the time and the image you want to give the other yourself. It is in this sense that coordinated garments are presented in the collection.

I was fascinated transparent black monkey. It is a divine piece. Have you been inspired by anything in particular?

Is trousers, wide, pleated and transparent discreetly on a crochet knit swimsuit elastic, very characteristic of ours, and we tailor it even thread.
Complemented with a very wide belt sort of hand-woven by the natives (called Randa) in black and white. As an accessory, a handbag made with handrails and pony skin. As you can see, we join with other ethnic pieces today and the result is a very sophisticated look, not indigenous.

Dolores Cortes Spring-Summer 2013

And what about supplements?

They are an important element to complete a look. Also here are given less importance than in other countries, where if you buy a bathing suit, a garment is accompanied by coordinated.

What's next in design, perhaps footwear?

I have not planned, at least for now. We continue with the bathroom and additions, which is what we do.

Do you already have an idea of what will be his next collection 2014?

My God! I'm not done with 2013! We are still specifying Dolores Cortes Runway collection, which we sell in several retail outlets and more special Mum Dolores Cortés, for maternity. Anyway, do not be long. In a month we will be initiating and 2014.

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