Monday, September 3, 2012

Duyos Spring-Summer 2013: the new women are faithful


Faithful to a style that works, true to dress women with a romantic at times overly sweetened if they exceed the use of pastel dominates while acceptable and affordable ideas that impress with their efficiency. So are the new women. In the new Spring-Summer 2013 Duyos further reminded me Chloé and Valentino.

Duyos cake

The summer collection is Duyos you keep that conversation with some people who inexplicably speak with sighs, as if he wished to be heard or were challenging your auditory perception. The designer has gone from Madrid in 1999 debuted solo in Cibeles checking if he hears but without raising the pitch, play to sensationalism, nor be a beard for the designer whose name you do not remember but his beard.

Blue Duyos

No doubt that the cake would not abandon Duyos in a new delivery. A cake that is not very summery, with some ideas in beige, ivory or off-white that might be more suitable for autumn halftime. I'm surprised not to see any pure white nor greater mastery of more watery blue, with which closed the parade among flowers.

Duyos flowers

Floral designs themselves are cast in the autumn prints from watercolors, all very Valentino, embroidered dresses by adding more volume, embroidered in gold were also more peplum tops with the idea of continuing this summer.

Duyos gold

I liked that Duyos continue with gold detail at the waist, giving the look a stitch of class that makes it better.

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