Monday, September 24, 2012

Emmys Red Carpet: what triumphed night of television

Lucy Liu

Last night I experienced a great night, the TV stars were able to live up to movie stars. Almost all elections were quite successful and very innovative. Many designers unusual red carpets and couture names of those that we barely sound. The famous seek risk, wear something new that no one has looked before and with so many galas hard to find "stuff". These were the trends that prevailed during the Emmys Gala (take note that you have the weddings and big parties in the coming months):

The evening in silver

emmy silver

The futuristic look triumphed, especially with Nicole Kidman and Antonio Berardi, followed by all the celebrities who chose silver and sequins as a way of highlighting. Loved Lucy Liu Versace.

Yellow longer shows the misfortune

emmy yellow

Interestingly, the favorite color of the night was the yellow, when for all the actors means bad luck when you step on the scene. But not tonight, wanted ttodas ignore the bad omens and wore yellow everywhere. Although the best of all, no doubt, Julianne Moore Dior and long sleeves. A goddess.


Green Hope

emmy green

The forest was green ally who wanted the natural look. Sofia Vergara updated it with glitter and mermaid cut.

Red wine

emmy wine

Another color that was repeated a lot but I do not say anything. Many were the actresses who wore the burgundy, making them fall over years because of so dark a shade off.

Double acting

emmy double effect

I love those dresses that look like a combination of top and skirt, make a cut at the waist which is quite elegant. I especially liked Leslie Mann of Naeem Khan. Yellow and oil made her one of the queens of the night.

Teaching leg

emmy leg

Angelina Jolie's shadow is very long. Now almost all the dresses show a leg, to the delight of photographers who insist on a woman that looks one of these dresses show your leg to the picture taking poses the most bizarre and ridiculous.

I'm a princess

A special evening is for princess dress and many choose tulle, rhinestones, and flared skirts. Fairy princess dresses, the style of Once Upon a Time.

emmy princesses

The favorite brand which want princess dress is Marchesa, and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family star) and Hayden Panettiere chose his designs for the red carpet parade.

Princess emmy

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