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Everything you ever wanted to know about the MBFWM and never dared to ask


We all know, more or less, what is the work of a designer and the importance of presenting their creations in a catwalk that receive media coverage. But what is not so well known are the qualifications and previous work necessary to present the collection that has nothing to do with choosing fabrics or sewing patronar but that all designers need to happen on parade day everything will be perfect. Perhaps these are some of those questions you always did and never dared to ask.

What should you do to parade in Cibeles?

To join the calendar MBFWM things much easier part of the Association of Fashion Designers of Spain ( ACME ), Defined on its website as "a professional organization nonprofit composed of designers from around the country." ACME was founded in 1998 and currently has 44 partner brands. No parade all are, but a lot of them. And if a designer wants to participate must apply when posted the basics of editing and will be a committee to decide. This process is usually quite dark and has led to the emergence of some critical voices for this reason.

Cuaánto? Costs each parade?

There is a base price of around 7,000 euros, thanks to the organization and sponsors entitling the use of facilities, official casting models and hair and makeup. If a brand you want to have a flagship model, a special decoration or any other extra, such as live music or a performance during the parade is planned exit must pay on their own.

Who funds the parade?

One of the work carried out ACME for its members is to apply for a grant to ICEX once granted usually finance 50% the parade and is one of its main sources of funding along with receiving aid from the Ministry of Culture. Currently only two members designers ACME parading abroad are Amaya Arzuaga it does in Paris and Custo Barcelona on the catwalk of New York.

Is it mandatory parade IFEMA ?


No. The Parade DELPOZO for example is part of the official calendar and performed in "El Capricho" a garden of Madrid, but such parades are the responsibility of the brand. Something similar happens with the Off Cibeles having sponsors different from the MBFWM . But because of the facilities it presents all there, almost any designer chooses elsewhere.

How do you choose the day and time of the parade?

The selection is made according to a set of objective criteria such as seniority ACME and the impact on the media of the previous collection in the month after the parade, and that after baremarlos are own brands and designers that order according to those who choose what day and time they want to march according to their preferences.

Do you sell tickets to a parade?

No. The only way to attend a parade is by invitation which can be achieved through various means: the organization of the Madrid catwalk, the designer in question, one of the sponsors or media accreditation. Also this is the way they are organized public benches: the guests and media at the beginning of the runway and the organization and sponsors at the end.

Once there some places (mainly the front rows) are usually booked in name but from the fifth / sixth rank sites and are not usually marked.

All this does not mean that in some cases, when the designer or the collection are more newsworthy or flip between the scene, the stands are full and needed some guests have to do it standing or sitting on the steps of the stands.

Although thankfully now thanks to the internet and parades are broadcast live through various websites and can follow without having to fight for a seat to anyone.

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