Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fashion Fall 2012

Moda otoño 2012 We review the main trends of the fashion autumn 2012! Here you have the clothing, trends and accessories that are in fashion this fall 2012!

And at this point, between such novelty and trend review touches the clothes and accessories that really is trendy!

This season is the military look fashionable, baroque-inspired designs, the studs , the rhinestones, designs cowboy, biker looks, ruffles, sequins, red, etc. It is best to see what's new in fashion this fall 2012 are selection of clothes and accessories!

Moda otoño 2012 Fashion Fall 2012

The studs are one of the new fall fashion 2012!

Moda otoño 2012 Fashion Fall 2012

The military-inspired designs impose this fall 2012 with khaki green, leather, buckles and printing camouflage!

Moda otoño 2012 Fashion Fall 2012

One of the novelties are cobwoy style outfits, especially the boots and clothes with all kinds of fringes and details!

Moda otoño 2012 Fashion Fall 2012

The luxury of this fall 2012 comes to blow Baroque, a proposal recharged with golden sparkles, brocade, sequins, ...

Moda otoño 2012 But are not the only fashion trends fall 2012! The wedge sneakers, sequins, velvet, rhinestones, gem necklaces, ... are some of the trends!

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