Friday, September 21, 2012

Fashion on the street: manual for modern


It's very hard to be modern. And do not talk about the city's modern woman . I speak of modern looking combinations to convey that style that either have or better to forget about it. I'm afraid that for shopping at Urban Outfitters not you become modern. I return to my beloved fashion street that I have left. For me this is the line of disguise and naturalness.

The beat poet

beat poet

Fashion high neck, the back or the swan, each search word you like best, is basic to the modern wardrobe. I wore the Beat poets and while not fashion, only with small strokes, a modern must have a combination like this Ella Catliff with TopShop dress and polo Uniqlo. The bag is 3.1 Phillip Lim and Kurt Geiger stilettos.

Peter Pan syndrome

peter pan

Modern syndrome often suffer are rarely detected. Peter Pan syndrome when clothing is a maximum key modern walk. There are two types: those who pretend to be princesses forever and they could go to sell cookies to the office. Minji Kim is the latter. And I'm cool with the mix of items of Phila-Petra. Except Jeffrey Campbell platforms.

After college


The university is chimeric in that context that we all were going to develop as individuals but in the end we did a massive copypaste nothing at all. The university is also in this style and is seen in many details, as this jersey with team A school that looks Andy Torres with a skirt from H & M to create the contrast that you always seek reiterate that mother.

The Eternal Feminine


In 1982 La Mode sang this:

They have that mysterious something that scared Leonardo and Amiel, only minorities understand that Warhol made his cassette husband.

Little more to add, Your Honor.

Seek the contrast


The best modern, not those of the Vice book, know that everything you have at home jersey may be the last if combined with the right garment. Billie Rose features a straight skirt with sequins in a tone similar to the above. Right. Although under the knee does not promote both.

The rarest shirts


Shirts endless. The more rare. Also rare forms combined. No problem. Lola reminds Fromvalencia Alburquerque (Badajoz a Spanish municipality or a Mexican city) and so well.

And the sport!


I would forget them, of course. To include a funky sports apparel. Sietske L always knows his stuff (Iclothing design).

Let the record show that despite all the ironies I love this style inserted. They then come the madremías .

Photos | She Catliff , Minji Kim , Andy T , Caradona Christina , Christine R , Billie Rose , Lola Fromvalencia , Sietske L
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