Sunday, September 16, 2012

Free People gets romantic and launching a collection for urban Juliets


Do not believe in love. Moreover, I think it's a waste of time (yes I know, many will drive out my neck). But despite that I am a fan of romantic comedies and every time I see them I feel happy. Although everything is fiction. I can only fall in love with one thing: the clothes. That's why when I saw the new collection from Free People have felt love at first sight.

And I think that I never tire of saying: this brand mola galore. Always with a hippie cool air that separates us from all that we usually see in stores. Delicates that make us feel as Juliet herself in the middle of the city.


And although the time to look and clothes billowing tulle is running, I do not want to do anything but prolong the summer to see the transparent maxi skirt dress with beautiful embroidery. What do you think?


And if what you gonna black is the color you choose this mini dress topos of the same color. Eye because no catch! And it is reversible and the other side of the garment is lined with lace. A 2 × 1 of cool.


What do you think this mini collection? Love or lovelorn??

Official Site | Free People
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