Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Garments must for this Fall-Winter already in my closet. What are yours?


Weekend tragic in my checking account! And I pulled Visa more than ever. But what can I do! I like to go shopping and new trends makes me mad when a walk around the shops of our country. Do not consider myself a fashion victim as the top of a pine: do not follow trends down pat and I get influenced by what I really like without worrying about if it is or not. Still, I've been itching a bit and here I show my essential for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013. Are we going to agree on anything?

Started my list with a garment that is hard (thank God). The leather pants. Yes, leather wins this season and in the pants more than ever. To me glad that they are fashionable, they recently had to pull my leggings were made leatherette because dust and depressed me to think I would not find anything. My thing with this model Bershka was instant love at first sight.


We continue with my purchases and now it's the turn of the denim jacket. But not any (that's always good to have it in the closet). No, this time I have decided on one that follows the trend of the spikes on the shoulders. Perfect for alienating those you want to make a nuisance at night: try to rest your hands on your shoulder so you do not leak and bam! Are terrified. The mine is Brandy Melville , although you can find a more simple Zara, Stradivarius, Pull and Bear ...


And finally we do with your feet ... And after my disappointment with the clone of Zara TRF Isabel Marant and I did with this Fashion Pills . Yes, correct, but I must say the quality is not very good. But since I do not know how long this will last me go wonderfully fashionable.


What trends have you already made for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013?

In Jared | The Willow-Zara already here. At last!
In Jared | Finally! Willow (Isabel Marant) I present to your best clone (of Zara TRF )

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