Monday, September 10, 2012

H & M catalog Winter 2012/2013: do you dare to think about Christmas?


We have not begun officially fall and firms and insist on that think hurriedly in the Winter. What we're going to put this Christmas? And I do not know! I do not know what I'm going to get them tomorrow ... But do not mind this fact as insignificant and stores begin to be overflowing with these new collections. And the last one has been H & M. And here we bring your Winter lookbook 2012/2013.


Glitter and clothes with lots of air holidays are some of his proposals. Now I do not see any of them, but perhaps in time (and without my beloved shorts and sandals in the closet) desire any of these proposals.


How could it be otherwise geometric patterns have their role in this look as flashy: a gorgeous blue pantsuit that reminds me a bit of the proposals made ​​by Prada for this Fall-Winter 2012/2013.


Is what I liked? The proposed shelter in a racy purple. Nothing muted colors, or basic. To break the monotony, sometimes going great.


But even though the tissues are bright, we can find a look according to our personality and perfectly discreet. Impossible? No, that never.


What do you think of this development?

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