Tuesday, September 25, 2012

H & M temperature rises 'gym time' in his new number


I love low-cost fashion. It drives me crazy, because I like to vary the style (almost) every day, which is why I love noticing new clothing launches each store every week. You know what, why lie ... But not only fashion that looks attracts me. I mean, I'm a fan of lingerie sets. I like to use as what clothes to my mood: cotton, lace, transparencies ... Yes, like the outfits, take good care of my looks inside. That's why I loved the new magazine photo shoot of H & M with Saskia de Braw protagonist.

She turns everything hot in the gym, and with these outfits not surprise us. Mind you, I do not see myself going to do spinning with rhinestone collar encased in my neck. But for snapshots contrast looks great, do not you think?


The black is the main protagonist in this new collection where the firm does slide sets, experiment with the backs and offers us the most delicious sets (and sexy!).


The panties high to Bridget Jones are fashionable again, garment before was awful but that over the years, have been improving. These are perfect for when you want enfundarte a tight dress that mark, absolutely everything.



What do you think the outcome of these images?

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