Thursday, September 6, 2012

Have you noticed the increase in VAT in your favorite stores?, The question of the week

VAT hike

On Monday entered into force the dreaded rise VAT which, among other things, affect the textile sector whose taxes have increased by three points. Some firms have already announced that they would take this rise VAT But not all, so the question of the week is:

Have you noticed the rise VAT in your favorite stores?

We want to know your opinion and therefore, we expect you to leave your comments in the section Trendencias Answers.

Much talk gave that question last week:

Could you be a whole year without buying clothes?

The response fandefortuny , committed to the DIY and versatility of the garments, was voted by the community:

Of course, I do not say lightly I already have. I love fashion, I studied Styling and sector work and I've had times when I bought what I wanted and times when I've not been able to afford. So without further ado, the first thing is to be sensible if you can not buy anything out your creative side, styling resources, new combinations, small repairs and buy accessories baratitos and hard to be the key to your look. If you add to that a good haircut and a fashion makeup anyone imagine that you have not spent a penny on clothes. Do not make a drama and there will be better times. A kiss.

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