Wednesday, September 5, 2012

If MBFWM not come to us, we are bloggers to MBFWM

mer_01 A summary of TCN Spring-Summer 2013 Sneak Peak

Yesterday ended the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid and from Trendencias we tried to give greater coverage to show all of our designers patriotic novelties for next season Spring-Summer 2013. But not the same report the parades to explain in great detail how you live, live, live. and although my colleagues if they could live near each of the parades, living in Barcelona for me was impossible. And like me there are thousands more. that's why I love to see how other bloggers have been telling us the curious intricacies of each day.

For example, Sneak Peak has been doing a very complete summary of each of the shows with the most memorable: Guillermina Baeza, TCN , Sita Murt, and so much more.

Would you like to go backstage to see the nerves and parts from previous Nearby So your girls are Ariadne and Laia Fashionisima : where there is a parade and we tell them chapter and verse. His reading is enjoyable, fun and you learn everything, absolutely everything, everything.


One of the things I like to know is who was the parade and where he sat. Do not ask me why, I'm curious by nature! And I love how there are people who want the same thing that Ami: in Miss at the beach we could see the front-row of the largest publishers in the country DelPozo parade debut with Josep Font forward.


And so, without leaving my office I get the feeling that I have experienced firsthand the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid. And today, if we are not going to MBFWM , Bloggers bring us home. Thank you!

Photos | Sneak Peak , Fashionisima , Miss at the beach
In Jared | Spanish fashion is far from 2.0
In Jared | The young talent mixed with veterans of the Spanish fashion, in the fourth round of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid

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