Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Inditex again exceeds expectations with 944 million euros in profit

Zara Bogotá Zara Store in Bogota, Colombia.

Again Inditex does it again: new billing, new record in terms of sales and turnover. The first half of 2012 has resulted in 7.239 million euros in turnover issue, 17% more than the previous period. As we talk about net profit 944 million euros, up 32% from last year. Figures that do not have the online store opening to China since 1 February cover of July 31. Lets see the following.

Zara is the brand that continues to bring more profit to Inditex, as expected. It brings the total 4.835 million, up 20% from the previous closing date. Bershka is the second brand with 666 million and 11%, Massimo Dutti third with 490 million and a 7% increase and Pull & Bear closes the top four with 468 million and a 13% rise.

Inditex and reach more than 112,468 employees worldwide. The increase over the previous year is 9267. Its policy of store is maintained with 166 new local to reach 5693 establishments in 85 markets.

Although sales reported from Spain still losing weight against foreign countries (22% of total, 4 points less than in the previous year) from Inditex emphasize the "strong investment base in Spain and international growth." As we read in the press release:

This investment policy in Spain has resulted in three major milestones: the expansion of the Inditex headquarters in Arteixo, which increased by 70,000 square meters of commercial area capacity of Zara and Zara Home, the construction of the new logistics center Massimo Tordera Dutti, which will incorporate art advances, and the acquisition of a plot of 300,000 m2 in Guadalajara for the construction of a new international logistics center. Overall, this policy will involve an investment of 450 million euros in Spain and a capacity to generate 1,400 new direct jobs.

Inditex 2012 data

Inditex again exceed expectations analysts had established 905 million profit. Inditex stock market now trades at 94.60 euros per share.

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