Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Is there a future in the Spanish fashion?, The EGO speaks on the catwalk of MBFWM

Isabel Ruiz Multicolor Jersey Isabel Ruiz Multicolor Jersey

The fashion week in Madrid missing closure as usual dedicating his last space for new designers, thus leaving us with a powerful message: the past could be the first. And at least this mantra is that these ten will be repeated this year promising youngsters have participated in EGO no option to award for Best Collection, for the sake of art, made ​​by the organization of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Madrid has received serious criticism.

Leaving aside the controversy, the six designers have shown this last day the best of themselves, making some risky bets (some perhaps too) but leaving all the feeling that is very fashion forward and above all, lots of fresh air.

Ruiz Galán, Ikea on the catwalk

Ruiz Galán Ruiz Galán Parade

His collection has not left anyone indifferent: it is what has made out a raincoat with shopping bags from Ikea, everyone is set. And is that Ruiz Galán advantage and recycling all kinds of fabric and mixed materials has to show a young urban sports skater dyes. Recycling is good in times of crisis but would you dare to wear the proposals of this young talent?

Maria Ke Fisherman, welcome to the Route Bakalao

Maria Ke Fisherman Maria Ke Fisherman

A mix of aesthetics with futuristic touches noventera and Japanese air is proposed by this young designer for next summer. Big black platforms, printed and colored stripes. The models chewed gum and taught a very long black nails to photographers. The music thundering crescendo that accompanied the parade made at some point I would raise a glass and make me ask the question: Am I'm in a parade or a rave?

Isabel Ruiz, romanticism and delicacy

Isabel Ruiz Isabel Ruiz Parade

Romantic collection for a delicate and natural woman. Combining knit sweaters, skirts and gauzy long flight, silks, ruffles and transparency in shades like white, coral, blue or mustard. The most striking detail is the embedding of small roses in various colors of the clothes (which fascinate Lana del Rey). Isabel Ruiz takes us to a bucolic spring loaded color.

As by Ana Sanchez, an urban safari As Parade by Ana Sanchez

Geometric shapes in various shades of green and black on white silhouette enveloped the executive of the future: who wears silk hat and bag carries methacrylate. Exquisite designs care to detail you'd want in a collection ready for you: As by Ana Sanchez presents a goddess of asphalt, an Amazon of the big city.

The walrus tusk, color on the catwalk Parade The walrus tusk

A beautiful and fun collection: The walrus tusk proposes monkeys in lilac, yellow or blue patterned off of animals (birds, fish or giraffes). Betting on long pants, elephant foot, open that work perfectly as both street walkway. Very chic clothes and very "wearable" for next spring.

Victor Von Schwarz, pure innocence

Victor Von Schwars Victor Von Schwars Parade

And the EGO Cibeles closed dyeing white collection with Victor Von Schwarz: pristine white, snowy broken and were appearing on the catwalk. Great silhouettes worked very well for the designer added details of rhinestones. Diaphanous blouses combined with pencil skirts. A parade immaculate, clean and innocent for a woman who begins the spring longing the cold winter.

And you, do you like these young prospects? What has been your favorite parade EGO ? Do you think that the Spanish fashion has a future?

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