Friday, September 7, 2012

It is said, is rumored. The new trend is the "lesbian chic"

What modern is to be modern. Say you're the creative director of fashion stores chic and stylish in the whole world and you have to make your new campaign season. Help, help! Non ti procupare, I give the idea I: the lesbian chic, as did Barneys.

These terms are defining the international online media campaign and it does not seem to have arisen scandal or voices against the love of woman against woman (if you're not a fan of Mecano, not tararearás).

Barneys has spread through WWD its new Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 and although the most demure looks and sosainas moment is not:

Aesthetics as a whole is made to bring a specific reaction. It's not obvious but are two women are lovers but they have two different faces in their lives.

Dennis Freedman, which is the name the ports, with all due respect, has also confirmed that the campaign is aimed at campaigning for human rights and the American program for equal marriage.

Umm ... Arizona Muse and Magda Laguingue under the special vision of Paolo Roversi, which I love. This is going to like the dudes, also those on Wall Street who pay diva costumes of women born in the Upper East Side.

Obviously, at the moment with this first image, is clearly not.

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