Friday, September 14, 2012

It's time to start taking a walk pants (long)


It's time to start wearing the pants in your life. And I do not mean to be metaphors of who makes decisions on a partner or anything like that. The mornings are cool and go well with bare legs is somewhat uncomfortable. Although later everything returns to normal, afternoon back down. Yes, the dreaded time of transition is coming and I'm going crazy with my wardrobe. What not to wear to asarme or die of cold?

Pants. Combined with short-sleeved shirts and sandals will create a perfect match to combat cold and heat. As you see there is not much secrecy ...


If such day is morning frost and short sleeve shirt is not enough, go for a jacket easy to carry in your purse or hand later when the temperature rises. If you choose a biker, it is best that it is of cotton to make it lighter.


We've said a few months ago: the triumph topos pants . And if you look at how well they feel these in navy and white polka dots. With a long sleeve shirt and sandals vaporous have a perfect look of halftime.


And finally a great look that can be used to get to work, shopping or a drink with friends. I love the flared trousers and when combined with a simple pledge and commitment supplements. What do you think the end result?


Well, are you who wear the pants?

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