Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Juan Vidal Spring-Summer 2013: I want to look each of your pieces, please!


I had the first contact with the Spanish designer about two years ago in the Valencia Fashion Week , and since then I have the # juanvidalismo gone to his head. Like a permanent Fledling watching his favorite band, but in this case happens to me all the designs of the designer. Yes, that's me, that's why this new collection presented at the Off MBFWM love me. Completely.

And every one of the designs enhance the woman, so I can only say, bravo! But what lies ahead in this new Spring-Summer 2013?

Strolling through a red trail

Cocktail type dresses with huge bows that remind me of Valentino and Bermuda XXL Microtops combined with make pant for each of the models. Yes, I know, I can not go out and if there is a reason (a party, a wedding, whatever), but still crave for them.


Apply with applications

The applications have been the strong point in this collection where the black and ocher have taken center stage. Ladylike dresses, skirts or just the fly ash into the air leaving a leg of the most suggestive.



Stamped, life viewed from another angle

I love prints. Especially for Spring-Summer season. And if they are in bright colors the better. That's why the proposals in various shades (which reminded me of the windows of a church) combined with wide, ruffled shorts have been to my liking. You might like their proposals more smooth, but not be so dull this is a good option.


What do you think of this new collection?

In Jared | Designer of the Month: Juan Vidal (I): "I have clear that nobody gives anything for nothing"
In Jared | Designer of the Month: Juan Vidal (II): "This country needs to overturn this industry"

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