Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Keys for shopping style: a party in black and gold your belt

Leighton Meester

Back in May I recommended a basic shopping rentabilizaríais that in the case of the last search or go ahead for a while. I speak of the dresses with metallic buckle. Which arrive this fall with ease and low cost stores have a well booked to be a shopping choice among those who have a good eye. Leighton Meester has been one of the last to join them.

Black party dresses are one of the essentials to keep in the closet but brands know they have to put new details to incite renew and sold new. This season the detail is the metallic buckle.

Zara and Mango give the alternative

Zara and Mango

When a trend reaches stores like Zara or Mango this becomes mass within a few days.

  • A formal dress with sleeve and set minimum figure of Zara for 39.95 euros .
  • A short dress with minimal vee shaped neckline Mango for 39.99 euros .
  • Instead of all the metallic belt as there are alternative options that give Zara is another style for 49.95 euros .


Asos long

  • In A | wear this dress have short straight with elegant pleats at the top for 71.08 euros .
  • In Aqua opt for a very long design with a draped back neckline and uploaded by 291.45 euros .
  • While glazing is an effect that I usually avoid because I know I do not like having their public and east of ASOS also with sweetheart neckline, for 71.09 euros .

Asos short

Two ideas in short:

  • The first in a short dress with wide flight Aqua skirt for 163.50 euros .
  • And the second lace and transparencies ASOS by 35.54 euros .

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