Saturday, September 15, 2012

Letizia Ortiz turns 40: remember some of his best looks of the year


Letizia Ortiz, Princess of Asturias, is 40 years old and that does not happen every day. At a time when the monarchy enjoys great popularity, the Spanish crown wanted to give prominence to the brand Letizia. Letizia celebrate the birthday of reviewing some of their best looks of the year.


Many criticize the princess style dress when. In every public appearance is studied at millimeter and many of his detractors branded as boring and too classical. I sincerely believe that Letizia has a right style, demure, classic but modern and elegant. You may like more or less but do not think it terrible the way they dress.


The thinness of the Princess also been widely questioned. It is true that sports a rather extreme thinness but still seems a healthy person but some extra kilos come not bad.


Letizia feel very comfortable with the pantsuit and carries them in many ways and forms. Classic cut dresses in earthy colors with lace blouses or dresses latest jacket with capri pants and three fourths. For day to day is very common to see it with blouses and tailored trousers for evening advocates a sequined blazer.


Lately the princess also has chosen to wear dresses for official use only and not at night. Dress casual and elegant straight cut. Plain or printed or romantic style to highlight the heels of that is a fan. Commitment often wear dresses from brands like Mango and Zara.

letizia 6

With jacket with skirt suits is as I dislike Letizia. Make him look too old and appeased. I think the short skirt should be shorter to give it a more youthful style. Keep in mind that your wardrobe Letizia repeated and sometimes long skirts and jackets combines different costumes.

letizia 5

For the night and still acts apostatizing labeled by its head designer Felipe Varela. I have noticed certain modernity in their looks or party night. Shorter dresses and skirts with blouses to give an air current, yet in these looks could risk a little more.

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