Sunday, September 23, 2012

LF Stores shows campaign as destroyer


A few months ago when I have the chance to show the new catalogs LF Stores, I do. And although only sold in USA , Many are fortunate that throughout the year you have the opportunity to travel there, and that is why you must consider this firm. A brand that is not cheap, but for some pieces worth saving a little more. And for this new Autumn-Winter 2012/2013 LF advocates a destroyer fashion. Will you join the clan? I loose pieces yes I would, but avoid making a total look.

Betting on the tartan

I can not be happier! And the tartan fashion reappears in our lives. I love the pattern, but I prefer the blue + green bottle version. The red leave it for the more daring. And if the pattern occurs in miniskirts ... twice as good.




Although there are more options: skinny pants are also ideal. I and I have a few (mine are from Primark new season) and choose to mix with smooth and simple clothes. Give strength to your style and a touch of originality.


But if something highlight of this brand are the shirts: they are all different and unusual. Cuts and strange forms are present in each model, that's why when I see a shirt LF my heart stops for a few seconds.


Top with the military!

If a trend is on the rise more than ever is the military. I never tire of repeating, but I always say the same thing. Whether on jackets, pants, shirts and accessories. Smooth or camouflage pattern. No matter dear, what matters is that the street is going to turn into a battlefield with glamor.



I love and the truth is that I have several military green jackets are ideal. Until a coat that I bought a year ago at Mango Outlet for very little. But what I need is a jacket / camouflage shirt like this. I want one like it! With a total look in black, you get to give all the attention it deserves. What do you think?


The mixed bag of other trends

The good thing about fashion is that season after season live there many trends so you can choose the one that best suits you. True, there is always one that stands out above the others, but that does not mean anything. And this year there are many on the need to look,? crazy about the leather ? Here are more of a garment so sexy in this tissue.


If you still love the clothes in metallic colors, here's your chance to get what you like. Skirt or pants?? Silver or gold?? Depending on the answer you have an article or another.



The blazers are cut back with unusual, to give a touch of class to an article of a lifetime.


And if you're losing the north on the wool sweaters and prints loves models, this one with a cat as the main character you can fall in love.


What do you think of this new campaign?

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