Saturday, September 15, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 51


Summer is back and playing back to our routines, our favorite places in the city, to meet with friends and make new plans. In Jared we propose as every Saturday, ideas to help you make your free time and do a complete overhaul to our weekly schedule. Summer Postcards will remind us how much fun we had.

In my case, the end of summer has had a disastrous consequence. The covers, the beers and the good life have made me a kilo fat. So you should start getting down to work, take care of food, do some sports and pray that everything goes back to your site. More and more concerned about what I like, and Live to Palate tips on how to make fried pearls come from me.


I also liked the Viton tips on how to resume training after the holidays . Slowly, slowly but surely.


Some beauty treatment to resume the season with a good face I could use either. I note the manicure trends Fashion Week in New York . discrete Bring the nude, always elegant and flattering.

nude manicure

I also pointed to prolong your tan during September with some products and tips . I have wedding in October, and I want to morenita few weeks. With what it costs to lose color and get in two days!


And an issue that concerns me with the arrival of autumn is the inevitable hair loss involved. I hope that with these recommendations my hair does not suffer.

wavy hair

The final touch to make a stylish return to work is picking the right glasses. Back to work with new glasses can be the change of look I need. Amichi proposals in Opticalia I love.

Amichi Opticalia

In Jared | Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 50
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