Saturday, September 22, 2012

Live with Style: Jezebel weekly schedule of 52

ava gardner

We started idolizing a weekend again (no other term the justice) to Ava Gardner. Since 1001 M Experiences Moon tells men who failed to love the great actress . Surprises in the life of a woman who still carries out all types of sighs. Sighs with which we began this stylish lives.

Minute one, put the new album Dum Dum Girls, The End of Daze EP and we're ready to begin.


Before sitting on the couch on Saturday could seize and take a bike ride around town for exercise. If at the end you dare remember these tips for driving safely .


If you picked up momentum and strength to keep pedaling as well have just in Aalborg, Denmark . A country not yet know, and every time I have more desire to discover.


Okay, it's crazy Danish, had the grace to do, not what I have in mind. Best case Minue Do you know what he's talking when choosing these five charming cottages and great cuisine .


Speaking of home, this time we're going to Ibiza, no bike for now not fly. Can Sebastian is an estate worth seeing for luxury proposed. A quiet luxury and elegant, simple betting big blank spaces.


The same in Ibiza can exploit these keys to a nerd look through the glasses .


If instead of Ibiza we want to see how Ben Stiller's house can also become invisible spies for a while. I imagined that at all. I liked.


Finally we close with a possible gift of a Samsung Smart TV for no less than 40 inches . Enjoy the weekend!

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