Tuesday, September 18, 2012

London: World's hardcore blogger and good style


We already know that this week everyone (fashion) is wearing the look in London. Right now is the capital of fashion, or at least tell us your Fashion Week. Burberry, Mulberry, Matthew Williamson and Christopher Kane are among the names that can not stop playing, but the truth is that beyond the campus in the London streets breathes style. And so handle them, the bloggers always show it. What style are you staying?

Dearest Palermo

To me I still like Olivia Palermo. Yes it's true that sometimes it's more of the same. Yes it's true, too, that has access to all the firms and that only she can do without leaving unharmed bizarre combinations. But the result, in my opinion, is good. At least for a fashion week. The predominant variety in your travel wardrobe and so we constantly displayed on your blog.


From LA

From Los Angeles comes the star of Cheyenne meets Chanel. Personally I do not share his style, but the truth is that more and more I find it in the soup. So it may be me who does not have good taste in fashion, because she has shown that triumphs and love.


The trio skull

Gary Pepper, Chiara Feragni and Carolina Engman. Most of the most (with Andy Torres) is based in the city of London and we are showing her outfits and drabs. Each with their personal style, glamor and wasting striving to be the number one at the time.


With which of them you stay?

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