Saturday, September 15, 2012

Longchamp is rejuvenated by Coco Rocha

What good did Longchamp exchange when he decided to sign the dancer from the catwalks . Goodbye to Kate Moss and hello to Coco Rocha. The result has been more than positive. Farewell to the staid image with a model who has posed for everyone and hello to a fresh, fun and well away from Longchamp regarding campaigns.

The images of the new de Longchamp and convinced us at the time and now with the video even more. The passion for bikes so popular today introduce a fun and youthful video with Coco Rocha as a star, signing renewing any brand.

This time we see Coco Rocha dancing , not only making grimaces . Here stars alongside Emily Di Donato in his tour of Paris and the usual multiple slopes and steps. Good ad Blanca Li.

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In Jared | Longchamp campaign Pret-a-Porter Fall-Winter 2011/2012
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