Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Looks risky but divine death, dare I try someday?


A new beginning Monday, and with it premiered month. Yes, fortunately or unfortunately have to wait 11 months to say hello! our dear August, but we must not get depressed. And the fashion changes and adapts to our day to day. And now it begins to resfrescar a bit at night (although there are days that are exception) bloggers begin to change their wardrobe. Looks visually bold but attract me a lot. Dare I send one day to take Fanta which tell people and I like them? I do not know ...

For example: I can not prove a miniskirt Marabou. I think too much and do not fix it'll take advantage of you deserve. But when I see the outfit of the protagonist of Atlantic Pacific is me drool: sailor shirt, military jacket and leopard shoes. Impossible? No!

We continue with Columbine Smille (love your style!) And mixed in the same mixture styling. A black and white jersey here, a navy jacket there, a miniskirt in metallic tone and black heeled booties. Yes, I think I left anything. Ah, yes! A maxi clutch to hold all my belongings.


At this point, and after seeing this pair of jeans to dozens of girls do not know what I feel about them: Acne jeans broken I do not know if I like or not. But Man Repeller makes your ultra daring outfits sitting well finished.


And finally a look dandy that has nothing to do with what we've seen so far: print shirt, dress pants, heels and a striped blazer. It seems too much but been feeling well (or is it who knows how to defend).


Do you feel the same that AMI? I'll think about how to apply one of these looks to my daily life ...

Photos | Atlantic Pacific , Columbine Smille , Jou Jou Villeroy , Man Repeller
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