Monday, September 10, 2012

Make no mistake: there is perfection


Who said that perfection does not exist was entirely wrong. And today we show you why. Many times we say that one of: 'Yes, I like it but it could be improved. " Or 'I would change a few things'. Well, today the outfits and would not take away anything. Well that's what we have stunned me. Yes! I like what I see, are you with me?

Obviously we must think about what time to look each outfits, but we lost. But for a formal dinner with friends, this look in black and silver shoes as I found. Yes is classic yet risks with tone shoes, do not you think?


If we want to enjoy a comfortable and quiet afternoon we just need a cigarette, some slippers and a cotton shirt. The protagonist of Song of Style has chosen accessories and has nailed it: great is little.


Now it is becoming increasingly popular comic book stamping. And although it is not to my liking, more followed the blonde these days (Chiara Ferragni) knows how to adapt this trend to your closet and makes the whole look phenomenal. Perhaps that's her aura projected everything is good, but I like what I see.


And finally one of those looks that we're used to seeing in movies or fashion: risking supplements can go through life. You just need personality, and a little security risk.


With which of these girls you stay?

Photos | Trendy Taste , Mode d'amour , Polienne , The Blonde Salad , Song of Style
In Jared | Looks risky but divine death, dare I try someday?
In Jared | One of the most stylish rentrée, what a pleasure to work well!

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