Friday, September 7, 2012

Massimo Dutti September 2012 lookbook: the good, if simple, twice as good


Every time I'm more a fan of the clothes smooth and add nothing to look at first glance but once combined feel great. True, you do not call much attention and when you store gives you a bit of laziness buy that you've seen years ago. But trust me: it is the best investment in the future. And the new lookbook from Massimo Dutti September 2012 so.

It is true that I am not in favor of bringing an entire outfit in bright colors: I leave that alone for the summer when I have tanned skin. Garments much better. But that does not mean I do not like to tap beige or off-white fat thanks to a wool sweater or coat combined with jeans ...


Does the total invasion this year? The military parkas. Green, brown or camouflage: you decide what goes with your style and your everyday life.


And if there is something that I never tire of seeing year after year are aviator jackets with sheepskin and lining. I recognize that a couple of years ago I bought one in Primark and I've never used it, but others see them and die for them.


An injection of trend

The red and maroon will be the stars at this time Fall-Winter 2012/2013. And I more than happy, it is a color that (as I say) favors me. That's why when I see that in every one of the new lookbooks special mention glad this tonality.


You may like to a greater or lesser extent: here you find in the taste of the buyer. How much do you like?



Even if I look like is this: type tulip skirt in this tone, eight jersey white and beige jacket. Perfection at its best.


But if you (still) do not feel very comfortable with this trend, can give a nod using a plug in this color. In this case the bag is carried part of the role.


What do you think the single line Massimo Dutti?

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